A downloadable nightmare fuel for Windows and Linux

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As a baby sitter you have to deal with some unruly children. 

This one might be your last....

How long will you stay in control?


Originally made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020

Post Jam Update

  • Improved baby physics
  • Ambient sound effects and music
  • Fixes for various bug/gameflow issues
  • Better lighting
  • More spooks
  • Particle effects
  • Complete rework of final sequences
  • And some head nods to our inspiration "The King In Yellow" - including new chapter introductions in the form of play excerpts

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip of the version you want
  2. Right click the zip file and "extract all"
  3. Run the game by then double clicking GMTK2020.exe


Latest Version (Windows) 129 MB
Latest Version (Linux) 104 MB

Development log


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to be honest i love throwing him :D

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I've seen several youtubers play this already and I was like oh that's a cute little horror game.

But it actually spooked me and made me feel uneasy every time I took my eyes off of him.   REAL PARENTHOOD!

GGs   :)


I loved babysitting the devil baby. Very charming little game that gets creepy, but still maintains a good mix of humor throughout. Thanks Team Terrible. Followed you and will be playing your other games! :)

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoy our other jam games 😁

probably the weirdest game ive played lol

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My personal experience:

This was a cool short spooky game. I like it!

10/10 would throw again



I Promise if you watch you will enjoy!!

I'm scared of my baby now.. (start 11:10)


https://youtu.be/omIiqD4bEwc I loved your game! It was one of the most enjoyable horror experiences I’ve ever had lmao. Especially enjoyed beating up the baby to try and remove the demon. 

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Ahh babies, the only living creatures that makes my brain and heart explode... (btw thanks game devs)

This game was AMAZING very spooky

It is what I exxpected from a babysitting horror game

I've seen so many youtubers play this it really is an awesome game, I can't wait if you add more!! I'll let you know if I decide to make a channel and play it.

WOW!! What a WEIRD game! :D 

There was this one time a baby sat... It was my last


This is a great game :D. Too bad it was short, but it was great :). Never babysit the demon's child!

I had fun playing this game its sad that its kinda short but i got some good clips for my YouTube channel

Yeeting the demon baby was the best baby sitter experience I could have asked for

The baby isnt the only one that needs a diaper change! 


Such a Great Game.


lol, i didnt know it was meant to be scary. That jumpscare - WOW. 

this game is insane! 


Please make a mac compatible version :D

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Dropped a new video check it Out Love this game

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hello I made a video playing the game, I'm from Argentina and I have a small gaming channel

im  s p e e c h l e s s

Ya se que no tengo que hacer de niñera, ha estado muy ingenioso y original

the baby in  yellow  (minuto 09:00)

This was fun. I think the game is good??? It scared the pants off of me. The length was perfect. Thanks for making the game!


The Baby In Yellow was a good mixture of creepy and funny. I had a really fun time playing this. Great short game! :D

Really interesting game. I make for a terrible babysitter.

Seems like I'm not a good father after all. 

Great game. Assh*le baby 

i heard that door open and looked at the picture i could not and to top it off it was 3am i said NO

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as soon as the door opened i noped out of the game!

Confirmed kids are a bad idea lol

i have fun playing this game i like it especially the baby physics its pretty funny 

Can you make this so that its compatable with mac

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