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This was very creepy however I feel it could've benefited from more nuanced creepyness. Like the baby moving more by itself when you go to fetch things. The facial expressions were horrifying and the baby physics were the best part; absolutely terrifying. 

So that was fun. When i got done throwing it around for 5 minutes. I doupt their gonna hire me again. The needs some horror melody i couldn't feel the horror. I was busy taking it too unserious. I like the texture tho and the mechanic, nice work on that. But i wouldn't call it Horror in that category. But it was fun, i had good time enjoying playing it even if it was a short run.

how do u actually play the game 

and where did u find it

Click the download button above, unzip and run the exe 😁

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it didn't work, i have a mistake file CreateDXGIFactory2 didnt find in DLL dxgi.dll

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately we didn't get time to put all the horror aspects we wanted in during the 48h jam. But we're working on an update that makes chapter 3 a lot more scary (including music)

good game! i hope coryxkenshin reviews it tho 


Great game. Really enjoyed it and would love to find out WTF is the deal with that baby. Is it the spawn of satan or something?

Really cool game cheers! :) 

Loved the game play! Such a confusing and wacky ending!

This game reminds me of the baby in the movie freak in disguise

i love it mate

check my simple game too please

This game has great prospects ahead. Please develop it and add some audio frame. Atmospheric music will be useful in this game.

game was good

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This is the calmest baby I've ever met. Maybe having your charge be possessed by the King in Yellow isn't all that bad.

On a more serious note, this is an interesting mix of horror and comedy. It's not something you see too often in games, and when you do the comedy tends to be a bit heavy-handed. I feel it was handled well here.

I actually really loved this game! It was amazing! Keep up the good work!

Loved playing this! Brilliant!  Nice  short horror game and Feels like you could keep adding chapters. What's behind the middle locked door and in the locked door in the parents room! wink wink :)  Got a blast out off the baby too! 

ok, this game is freakin crazy, becos the baby's parents is 100% demons!



hi ratty

Great little game. I didn't read the description (sry) so in my video I'm "Dad" not babysitter.   I added some music and I think it really enhanced the gameplay.  I'd love to see a chapter 2!


I had a blast playing The Baby in Yellow. Love the mechanics of how the baby moves around when you're carrying him. A great balance of the baby being super creepy, and then super innocent, then tops it off with an unexpected ending. If you have 15 minutes to spare, I recommend you download it and give it a try for yourself! Great job Team Terrible!

Had the plesure of playing this.   Was a really fun and creepy experience.  Made a video too.

The was amazingly fun and weird to play, well done devs!

Amazing game dev :D 

This baby is straight out of the devils butthole. This is definitely one creepy game and I enjoyed it. I did a gameplay video that I will link below if you are interested in watching. I look forward to more games by you.

I don't know what it was about this game but it terrified me all the way through XD It was probably a combination of the complete silence and the fact that a demon baby was looking into your soul the entire time haha! I really enjoyed the game and i can'

t wait to see what else you come out with!!

Funny :P


This game is so goofy and I love it. I hoping for a part 2!!!!!


This was one of the most fun games I've ever played from itchio. Hilarious physics, great overall pacing, and a lot of twists and turns that kept me on my toes. I can't remember the last time I genuinely laughed this hard playing an indie game. I love this game so much. Very well done.


Thank you so much! Your play through was a lot of fun to watch :)

We're working on an update that adds music (and more) as you suggested at the end of your video. It was a massive oversight not to include it, but by the end of the 48 hour jam our brains were pretty fried haha

Totally understandable! I know game jams can be hectic, and the music isn't nearly as important as the gameplay itself, which you all NAILED! This was so much fun to play!

а подскажите что делать если не открывается? 1 выдает ошибку
2 съел где то 2-3 гб на C когда устанавливал из папки с игрой вроде бы ue engine
вот в итоге очищаю пк и печатаю комментарий . подскажите что делать? как правильно открыть игру

Hi fucarchan, the game is a standalone exe and does not install to C:\
To run the game please unzip the "" and run "GMTK2020.exe"


This wes a fun game, very creepy baby!!!

Here's my gameplay video, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for the subscribe while you're at it :D


Lmao i had to make an account here just to play this game, and i dont regret..How many people worked on this game? Made in 48 hours, man you are very talented , wish you all the best in future projects. Thanks!


The transitions between effects are so seamless, and the player detection is so accurate, this is a technical masterpiece!!! The visuals and physics are really great too! And it was made in only 48 hours?!! That is absolutely incredible!!!!! Well done!!!


Aww, thanks! We've got a post jam update coming (hopefully this weekend) to polish things up even further :)


You know what? little man and i had a great time together! and when i say great, i mean absolutely horrible.  Dope game!


Great video! Your reaction at the end was amazing :D
Thanks for playing!

I had to fight this baby!


Hilarious and creepy. The baby gives off that scary puppet vibe, while the environment is comfortable enough for it to get weird.

This game made me realise i can never be a good dad.

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An amazing game

Genuinely fun to play. The ragdoll physics of the baby made it so much funnier, and the entire thing had me intrigued. I spent so much time messing around and had fun recording/editing it. Seeing the baby stare at you with their large eyes and do the 360 head turn was definitely creepy. I would definitely wish to see more from this maybe a backstory or something. I ran into two bugs while playing, first time the nappy disappeared into thin air, second time it did not detect that I had put the nappy on the baby, which is why I am grateful for the "restart chapter" button opposed to having to reset the whole game.. Thank you! Hope to see more from you soon 

Thanks for the great feedback!

I added the restart chapter button for that very reason, unfortunately physics based games always have a lot of unexpected bugs, and especially for game jams it pays to have a soft reset just in case!  

We have an update in works that polishes up a lot of the mechanics and game flow - which we're hoping to finish this weekend. I'm also looking at uploading some of my older jam projects (there are a few recent ones on my profile currently though - check them out! - "Jeff From Accounting" is a particular favourite of mine)

This was really cool!

Hilarious game! The physics with the baby were too funny. 

LOL i had to much fun with this!!

The physics in your game were great and I loved the creep factor of the baby along with the ending.


I probably spent a little too much time on the baby ragdoll and pickup physics (about 4 hours), but I think it was time well used :D

hello, I played this game and it was pretty good, I enjoyed it and that baby was sure as hell creepy, kudos to the baby sitter who stayed with him for that long lol.

Thank you! I'm glad you had fun :)


Man that baby is adorable, I think this 1 needed a few more sound fx when certain events happened but apart from that i thought it was a great idea and nicely done. Graphics are nice and it ran very smoothly for me, great job hope you enjoy my gameplay:


Thanks for playing! And for recording! It was amazing to see your reactions 😁 we usually have a dedicated sound guy for jams but had to cobble together sounds from previous projects for this one haha

Well thats even more amazing lol Thank you guys for this game!

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