Bedtime Stories Update

The Baby in Yellow - Bedtime Stories is out now!

It's been a bit of a wild ride so far this year, and we're really happy to get to share the latest update to our spooky baby game with you all!

Our team has grown over the past two months and we have some huge stuff in store for the future. In the meantime, we really hope you like this latest update. Please let us know what you think and happy babysitting!



v1.5.0 (Windows) 273 MB
Jun 02, 2022

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 Thanks for making us happy. Merry Christmas.

Спасибо, что радуете нас. С Рождеством.

This Game  and the story got a whole lot better! Its amazing

hi its when the next update i want a date or a month?

you are perfect too perfect your game is amazing like all the others i played the whole update and the game is very creepy keep it up and please add a helicopter to his room and so he can go there and fly around your house you are beautiful the game is beautiful


Thanks for update. There is my video about this game :D

Спасибо за обновление. Мое видео по этой игре :D