The Black Cat Announcement

Hi everyone!

We’re really pleased to announce our next update for The Baby in Yellow!

The Black Cat will be released March 2023 and we cannot wait to show you what we have in store.

Originally we had hoped to bring out the update at the end of this year, but wanted to add a bunch of new cool things and we needed some extra time. It’s going to be the most ambitious update we’ve ever done with new areas, characters and interactions. Team Terrible has been fortunate enough to have some very skilled developers join us recently as well, and they’re helping us really bring this next instalment to the next level.

We will be dropping more information over the next few weeks (although we don’t want to spoil everything). In the meantime, check out our teaser trailer below!

Thanks to everyone who played the game, commented, and generally made all this possible. We love you all <3

-Team Terrible


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29 days ago

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this looks so cool this was definitely worth the wait!! I'm sorry about last time still I can't believe this its so cool!!!

Aquele porão na nova sala da casa foi a primeira coisa que abri quando joguei aquela última atualização.... gostei muito da idéia e ansiosa pela atualização ; )

Ansioso pela atualização <3