Baby In Yellow: Christmas Chapter

The holidays are coming and Hastur wants you to cook him dinner! 😈 

To celebrate hitting 100 million downloads and the festive season, we have created a whole new chapter with new toys, secrets and even a snowball fight with an evil snowman! The update is free and will be available for a limited time only. So why not spend Christmas Eve with The Baby In Yellow... and maybe you'll make a new friend along the way...


v1.6.0 (Windows) - Christmas Update 295 MB
Nov 17, 2022
iOS App Store
Dec 12, 2021
Android App Store
Dec 12, 2021

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so creepy cute

me jugué todos los capítulo y solo em faltaba este, estuvo igual de bueno qeu los demás XD. Hice un video en español:  

Big heads and Pirate hats

I had such a fun time playing this game it felt like such a fever dream in the best way! loved it! 

Jack Frost is here

Looks like baby Baldi.

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