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The third and FINAL night! This took a really dark turn. 

Really enjoyed playing the game. :)


Stay tuned for the FINAL and LAST night. :)

Geiles Game

Great Game!

Have always loved the baby in yellow. Always a really funny horror experience since it first came out. If you havent played it yourself yet YOU SHOULD 

Habe dat spiel gespielt und es is coll👌und clean und lustig 😂👌❤

THE ENDING IS FINALLY HERE! I need more games like these!

I knew this game from facebook by someone made a video playing it , I loved it I didn't know that it was an indie game , great work this is really a unique game

We Need more! great game.

I love this update, Played it a year ago, and comming back to it was amazin <3 Keep up the great work :D 

The baby in yellow was first super cute but in the end it was bad!! but so much fun playing it haha



Moral of the story; Know when to quit

Don't think I'm going to have kids anymore after this one... Great game, very engaging and hilarious. Shout out to the developers for sure.

Hello, I would Like to Thank you for making this cool game! I really enjoyed it! I only played the Christmas Chapter, and have never played the actual game, but this chapter was really good, and I will be playing the whole game once I get a chance, and will leave another comment about the rest once I play it! I did a video of This Game, I hope you check it out! Thanks!


My first time ever playing The Baby in Yellow! 10/10

oh ok l am play is game

This game has come so far from the first time i played it a few years ago! Such an amazing game with Funny, Creepy, random events. If you haven't played this yet YOU SHOULD!

This Baby did nothing wrong

Love the new Christmas update! 

Best game!!!

I am on computer ;-;

My gameplay

This Christmas update was my first experience with TBiY and I will definitely be coming back for more in March lol I admit, I came into it with sass and sarcasm thinking it didn't REALLY belong in the horror tags... but I actually got a good spook or two out of this XD 

The slow disintegration of reality was really well paced. Would love maybe a few more moments of things changing that really make your stomach drop to discover. 10/10 had a blast bullying an "infant" 

Really love da bebe

This game is certainly a hidden gem, I got so much more than I bargained for (Why don't you see something cool for 200 hoop shots?) x

This game was amazing, great job

Played on a stream, well done!

I have made a compilation video of all the times that demon baby made a fool out of me, please take a look! 😅

it sadly doesnt work for mac :(

it doesn't work for DELL either so we are in the same boat :/


3 Scary Games - Christmas Special

played it as part of my 3 scary games video. It’s always fun playing with the demon child!

The greatest babysitter of all time.

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Hello! Please 🙏 come to the channel!


Thank you for this beautiful game. It was really fun, especially the Christmas chapter. Keep up the great work!

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Definitely enjoyed ourselves with this one, even though the baby was a little terror! Really cute art style and nice addition of the Christmas decorations. Looking forward to checking out the Christmas Chapter (had never played Baby in Yellow before so played the normal story first)!

New christmas update was legendary!

I Played the NEW Christmas UPDATE and I'm NOT Disappointed At All!

Have a GOOD WATCH , Hope you Laugh a BIT :)

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Why haven't I played this before?! Wonderful game! Played night 1 & 2 and soon the other nights! Team Terrible, thanks for the amazing game!

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