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i have fun playing this game i like it especially the baby physics its pretty funny 

Can you make this so that its compatable with mac

Had a fun time playing this! Hope ya'll enjoy the video! Cheers!


I just yeeted the baby for 15 minutes before actually playing, so I'd say that the baby had a reason to kill me.

This comment cracked me up

Why thank you

This game is great! Creepy demon baby.

This baby deserves to be on the Super Nanny show

Here's my playthrough. It's the 3rd video in this series:

11 minutes and :28 seconds

It's a pure horror game

*Video comentado en español* 

Baby: *talks perfectly*

BabySitter: hehe baby go brrrr


Tried the video out, wasnt scary xD 

omg your quality x-x its so good lmao

thank you :D

thank you for giving me nightmares 



Bro this game genuinely had me a bit freaked out xD
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(Perdón por el comentario en Español xD) 

Este juego es épico, me gustan las físicas del bebé en las que puedes romperle el cuello y ni se mosquea, solo bromeo jajajaja, sus sustos no son de esos que te hacen saltar de la silla pero en sí la historia se cuenta de manera muy rara, solo descubres que el bebé está asi porque sus padres de alguna manera le metieron el diablo adentro cuando ves un libro llamado "talismanes y su uso en el cuidado de los niños", después de eso todo perfecto, mis felicitaciones, dejo por aquí un walkthrough completo sin comentarios :) 



:))) ITS SO CREEPY!!! lol and i want that way~


had a fun time

seriously pretty scary

Demons and babys... An interesting concept for sure.


hehe Spooky Scary Bebeh :) 

i love it i love it i love it spooky from beginning to end 

Ican't play it because it says that needs other app... Can you please help me? I really want to  play :(

Please contact us at or on discord with the exact error message you're seeing (screenshot is ideal), and we'll try to help you out! 

how du yue dawnlod

video start at 17:58 good game 

i cant download the game it keeps saying failed - forbidden do i not have acces to downloading this game?

Are you able to download any other games on I'm not aware of any issues that would be specific to our game.

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Ein nettes kleines Horrorgame für zwischendurch

Greetings from Germany 

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A really funny and scary horror game! Though I had more fun than I expected, I still really liked the trouble and sudden jumpscares that the baby put me through. The timing between events was perfect, allowing enough time to breeze, before another emergency made itself known. Couldn't help but imagine that was what the sitter went through in the Incredibles!I've put my video here if you want to check out how it looked. (the game starts at 9:00)

Ein sehr lustiges und cooles Spiel. hab es auf jeden Fall genossen :D 

Why doesnt it let me download this game ;-;


no se como empezar a jugar el juego pero no se como :( muchos F por mi :(


Baby Is Freaky As Fuck. Awesome Game

It won't work for me.

Even DanTDM made a video on this game

I really enjoyed playing this game, it felt more comedic at times than horror, I had a little too much fun throwing the baby around. Thank you for making this game, this was a really enjoyable experience. 

The crazy thing is you managed to make an amazing game in such a short time. i mean i have seen a lot of crazy, scary games but this has to be one of the best that i have ever played. Turning something so pure into something so sinister. Amazing simply amazing.

this game was.. interesting

This is hands down one of the strangest, but at the same time most entertaining games I've played, and I would've loved to have seen more. Hope you keep up the amazing work.

I really enjoyed this one. Amazing it was created so quickly. Would love to see longer more fleshed out version. It was simple and fun and mysterious and scary. Really enjoyable. No wonder everyone loves this one. Thanks Team Terrible!


real nice but it scared the shit out of me

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