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When will Windows update?

This actually got me good a few times its really eerie and smooth for a short horror game, good job

I Played this and it was a fun little experience! The jumpscare got me bad because i didnt expect it-. Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

can i get it with op instead of os i dont have windows

Will you add a jump to the game?

We currently have no plans to add a jump to the game. What were you wanting it for? Jumping on the table? :)

Hi! this seems like a great game! I am on mac, though, and can't play it.  Do you guys have any plans for making a mac version? 

There is no plans right now for a mac build, sorry.

When will the baby in yellow game be released on android?

Hi! It's still in development, and been close to release for a while but there's a few hurdles we still need to jump. We want to make sure we release as bug free as possible! 

I'm hoping to submit it to cert by the end of the week, which will probably see it release early February. 


I loved babysitting the devil baby. Very charming little game that gets creepy, but still maintains a good mix of humor throughout. Thanks Team Terrible. Followed you and will be playing your other games! :)

Thanks for playing! Another favourite of ours is Jeff From Accounting, let us know what you think! 😁


So, im trying to install it on my chromebook, i dont get it-
I need assistanceeee

We don't support Chrome OS,  but we do have a Linux build. However previous users have reported limited success due to Chromebook hardware being non-compliant with Vulkan.

can i get it on my chrome book.


it wont let me extract all

use RAR app, download it on google play store

i think that is a really good idea by the way i am clyde

Great Game! But i mostly played it to put the baby in the fridge.

also a multiplayer mode would be very fun where all players have to take care of the baby and every night you all have to survive every day another player dissapears

can I download this on my iPhone 

Unfortunately not, we are releasing on Android soon but we have no plans for iOS just yet.

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What is the age rating? My favorite Youtuber played it and my mum won't let me- please tell me the age rating so I can show my mum :D

also, is it playable on Xbox game pass?

Baby in Yellow has an X-rating

Hi Bella!
We're currently going through certification on Android and our provisional rating is PEGI 7

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any advice it says "failed to load vulkan driver which is required to run the engine the engine no longer fallsback to opengl4 which has deprecated" i am doing this on chromebook v87 and i downloaded the linux

how do i put the baby down on the changing table?? it won't let me

i cant play this game on linux! game no starting

What version Linux are you using and are you seeing any errors?

yeah i am having the same problem any advice it says "failed to load vulkan driver which is required to run the engine the engine no longer fallsback to opengl4 which has deprecated" i am doing this on chromebook v87 and i downloaded the linux

Make sure to install the vulkan drivers for your distribution of Linux.

And also the utils with:

sudo apt -y install vulkan-utils

However, bear in mind that chromebooks are generally not very powerful and you may have performance issues when running the game. 

i mean in kinda worked but now it says "cannot find a compatible vulkan driver <icd>. please look at the starter guide for additional information"

I had a quick google of that error message and it looks like your GPU may not support vulkan. 
Here's the list of vulkan conformant devices on Kronos' site:

latest. 20.

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I can't play the game. It says d3dcompiler43.dll is missing. I have had this issue with things in the past, so i just put the dll in the older, but it just says it was unable to start correctly. EDIT: Turns out I had the x32 version and you MUST have the x64 version. hope this helps anyone else with the same issue!

It's just Amaazing!!!! I love the game! Really nice idea, graphics and playability. It would be awesome if you continue with the game and make it longer! Congratulations on the game. You did an awesome job!

Bro this game is weird in the nicest way possible. I really enjoyed it go check out the video I made about it on my channel!

is this game also a vr game? i played it a couple months ago normally when didnt have a headset and when i did it kept opening steamvr

plz make one for mac 10.9.5 so i get get it :(


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Team Terrible, the game is very good even what is missing is two things, a version for Android and iOS and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese to make it perfect ♡♡

Can you make this game multiplayer?

why would you need it to be multiplayer its a really short game

i agree its too short, mabye if it was longer they could do that

woa  this very terrifying game hehe

this game was funny i tried it

A babysitters worst nightmare!


Hey Team Terrible I just want to say that this game is so amazing and I enjoyed it alot. Thanks for making this game.


Awww, thanks for playing! 😁

Did you use unreal engine for this?


Yes! The game was originally made in UE4 in 48 hours for the GMTK2020 game jam. The latest version has had a few extra days of polish work done on it 😁

Wow! I used to use UE4 but I couldn't come close to this! 

How did you learn?


We're all professional game devs. I personally learnt unreal across a mixture of game jams and projects at work, but studied games tech at university first.

just wondering


I'm so glad you were able to share your final vision for this game via the GMTK Missers Jam because otherwise, I doubt anyone can know if this game would've ever been shown to the world! This is definitely one of the most memorable short horror games I've ever played because of the ridiculously funny ragdoll physics of the baby and the storyline. It's a simple concept executed beautifully and I doubt there are very many players who didn't laugh at least once or go "WTF" while playing this. Following to see what comes next!

Thank you so much for the high praise! We really enjoyed making The Baby In Yellow and were pretty gutted when we missed the deadline due to build issues 😅 the next jam we're doing is the Global Game Jam on January 27th, so check back after then! 

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WARNING TO PEOPLE DOING YOUTUBE VIDEOS OF THIS: There is a copyrighted song at the end of the game. If  you can split the game audio from your mic, I would suggest replacing the music with something from YouTube Audio's library. Do not stream this game, on Twitch you will get a DMCA if you do!

If you are making a YouTube video and don'e care if it's claimed please ignore the part concerning YouTube.

Wanting to do a Let's Play of this. Happen to know the point the song in question begins?  

Well I don't want to spoil it but it starts when you have to settle the baby for one final time and you are unable to walk back down stairs. If I said more it would ruin the ending.


Thanks for the heads up!

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Oh and one more thing, Idk if this is a necessary warning but there is a softlock in the game. At one point the game will lock the baby's bedroom door to make sure you don't get caught there always shut the door when prompted from the hallway otherwise if you happen to hit the point in the game where the game locks the door, and you shut the door from inside the baby's room,  you will be stuck in the baby's room until you press the restart key.

I think after this game I can safely say that I am the GREATEST babysitter!

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it wont open


What OS are you using? It was built for Windows.

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im using acer laptop microsoft bruh

That is not an OS. I'm asking what version of Windows are you using?

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what version huh... idk its not written but like i said its microsoft so idk what version is

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wait when i try to litterary open it in files of download it says "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine." can u help?

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what os im using ? i just said windows 10 (did i say it?)

did you know you could stuff him in the fridge?

thank you for this idea, can't wait to try it

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Hi I'm having an issue where my file won't open 

Couldn't start: 7zo0999E335/GMTK2020/Binaries/Win64/GMT K2020-Win64-Shipping.exe  GMTK2020 CreateProcess returned 2.

Please help I need to get a YT vid out but I'm having this issue!

Okay just a warning... the end of the game has copyrighted music from another source in it so you will be copyright claimed after upload if you don't either mute that or replace it. Concerning your error, it could have been a corrupt download. If you are using the App just click the gear next to launch. Then click Manage and then click RE-install. If you're not using the App, delete the download and try downloading it again.


not horror :/

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ik lol

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Try actual rl babysitting... then you will know both true horror and how this game is horror.

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I knew babies were evil.. but you'll have to watch to find out why! 

I check in virustotal.. this file has virus? or isnt true? Я проверил на вирустотале... У этого файла есть вирус


antiviruses like that always are suspicious of exe file from internet... i have checked and is 100% safe to run

Avast never gave me a report but I ran a check and found it's clean.

Приветствую тебя,друже!


Great game! I played and the horror is so funny! 

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