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Where can I submit my issue with Baby In Yellow.

I have downloaded this on a linux system and wondering to run this with wine. But every time I launch, all the items are black and only lights and shiny materials are visible. The game is quit laggy also.

How can I solve the issue. 

I would like to say the game works fine  in my android device.

We don't officially support running on Linux via wine, sorry. It sounds like a driver/hardware issue though. Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed. 

Merry Christmas 🎅

This Game Had me Laughing All The Way to the END! 10/10


Un gran juego! 

really good actually played entire game which i dont usually do



Timestamps are on my channel but its 53:00. The 4th game and I enjoy this game. I like the updates on this game. I'm already following you guys to see what else happens in the story.

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Merry Christmas! Give it a watch:

This baby is INSANE....i tried everything and he's STILL On Demon Time!!! Where are your PARENTS?? GG  This Christmas Chapter is Amazing aswell!! Definitely worth checking out

What a great fun game, I am really looking forward to the black cat update!!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!


first time playing this! after playing the Christmas version, I think I am going to play the REAL version! 


best game ever

🔥A tremendous update🔥 

can't wait for March 23rd!

Happy Christmas to Everyone!

Great game, great Christmas theme - well done, lovin' it!


хорошая игра !


So much fun and really great for Christmas!!!

Amazing christmas update )

Tried out this game once again! I love how playful this game is and I love how they keep adding more and more stuff. Can't wait to see where this Christmas update takes us in March!


Absolutely loved this game. Curious about the cat.  Can't wait for more 10/10 game right here. 

Love the Christmas Chapter! Can't wait for more!!

New update was great. Can't wait for the Black Cat update! Always love your stuff.

This might be the best "Baby in Yellow" video you're going to see.

To be clear, it might not be. But it also might be.

I don't want to babysit after this. 


This year, my son has given me the greatest Christmas gift of all: Death.

i did NOT expect this

Loved every minute of this. Keep up the great work!

wasnt expecting a game like this! lol

I hate this baby !

i absolutely love this game!! usually i make lets play content, so i decided to give making a helpful type of video a shot...? anyways... i found all the endings! i didn't even realize there were four ahaha. love the secret ending and the bottles unlocked after finding the 12 souls too!! 

Great Game!

can you make the game available for Macbook and Mac Pc users?

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hey, i like the game but i want to download the older versions, is there anyway to?

Of course, we've uploaded the latest of each major version of the PC build here:

thanks! it helps alot!

I've seen this game floating around before but because I had an old ass mac sierra I never was able to play it. But now since I got a PC I decided to play Baby in Yellow for the first time, even though I should've probably played the actual game first before playing the Christmas update but... idgaf

Someone please kill the baby

It's black and white for me...

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