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Wie schnell...

Awesome game so well done 👏 love playing it over and over so much fun thank u so much u guys rock 👍

'The Baby in Yellow' is obviously a great and iconic game, there's not a whole lot more i can add and the chances of me making a unique let's play of this game is slim to none as there are thousands of lets plays of this utterly unique and spectacular game. 

but also i'm hilarious so watch my video because im obviously a comedy genius 

This is a very good game, but...

Usually babies are cute, but this one i tossed right in the bin several times with no success at all.


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This might be scary

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OK I have some question to ask WHY IS THIS NOT ON MAC????? WHY does it say its for MacOS if you can only get the mobile version and if you goto the App Store on your iPhone/Mac you will see EVERYONE asking for a Mac version SO can you make a Mac version IF you read this I doubt but if you do Test it like if you do it test it make sure it works because One I have a feeling that it will say "Mac can support the file Baby in yellow" so what you do is type this code: 


cd Applications

cd (where APPLICATION_NAME is your app)

cd Contents/MacOS

chmod +x FILENAME (where FILENAME is the name of the executable) 

This took long to wright so pls add this for Mac
MAKE SURE you Upper case the Applications, Contents/MacOS

Hi, unfortunately The Baby In Yellow is not on Mac because we don't currently have the capacity to test it thoroughly enough and we don't want to release a buggy version. It is also not as simple as you describe, you have to build an .app first. All chmod does is change file access permissions :)

 Ok thank you at least  you responded

Do you have kids?  You ever understood the complex horror of raising a child?  Maybe you have, or maybe you haven't cared for a demon baby.  Well, this sums it up to a big, fat NOPE!


Always a great game! Loved it, and had a good few laughs. Felt relatable in most cases with having a child!

also the potions.. WOW

loved the chrissi episode and the toys. did a vid. and i did cooking gud

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team terrible. Confirmed! 2023-05-26

hey team terrible, can you make the baby in yellow: the missing memories update on april 8 2023?


i gave him too much milk bro 


Желаю вам успеха

This was some mental shite. I LOVE IT

why cant i download on mac?


can you make this for mac? cause my macbook cant run the app store one sadly


same, please make on for mac

We Need more! great game.

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Keep the updates coming

I have this game on my phone and it is AMAZINGGGG

WORST CHRISTMAS EVER | Baby In Yellow Christmas Chapter (Part 3)

Un des meilleurs jeux auquel j'ai pu jouer ! (FR vidéo)
One of the best games I've ever played! (FR video)

Team Terrible Please Click This Link >>> Here is link

i hate you

wow thank you so much

show some love ^^

PLS 32Bit

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Loved the game! Not finished just yet, but part one is here! Currently I am giving this a 10/10!

Hate this baby. Love my plush, though!

I was a terrible babysitter! I played this game in the video below :)

I absolutely loved this game back in the day and the update is just as good. 10/10



48 HOURS?! NOOOO shot! Lol great fucking work friends

This game was really good! And crazy lmao, i loved it! AND IDK WHY THE QUALITY IS SO BAD ON THIS VIDEO LMAO BUT ENJOY!
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