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it kices me out

I laughed a lot in this game 🤣

Loved it!

Theres a bad man in everyone no matter who you are. Maybe a nazi, maybe an abusive husband, maybe even a politician. But for me...apparently I abuse children. At first I thought "Rag doll physics baby?! EVERYONES GOING TO BE THROWING IT!" I was wrong. So fucking wrong. Some people even apologized to the baby...

When starting I figured this was going to be horror but instead I was greated with a fuckin baby huckin simulator. Maybe it was not the devs intention but when you can huck you huck, especially without repercussions.  You do basic babysitting things, I think. Feed baby, change baby, Kobe baby from downtown into the crib. Rinse, repeat, with progressive fuckery at the hands of the demon baby. 

It was a cute short game that will bring out the worst in some people.

This game is hilariously spooky I love the physics, and gameplay is fun. Demon babies just plain fun

I really enjoy this game it was really fun to play 100/100


who else is here from graystillplays?


Of course my good sir

But of course! 

This game is hugely entertaining, certainly by providing some genuinely off-the-wall creeps, but also because it’s hilarious! It’s got a grounded premise, and everything just gets crazy from there. It’s always interesting to see what can be done with the horror, and The Baby in Yellow is an example of pushing the boundaries, creating a scarier experience than the run-of-the-mill flashlight-in-a-maze game. High quality stuff!

whenever i tryplaying any type of the game it says: The procedure entry point CreateDXGIFactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link library dxgi.dll. what do i do?

Looks like this is a UE4 engine bug in 4.25.1 - breaking support for Windows 7 :(

I don't have time to build the engine from source at the moment, but I will update the build when 4.25.2 is released.

Only fix right now is to update to Window 8.1 or above I think.


oh well, i guess i can wait until then

hi, big thx for the great game. awesome. greetings fro rosti 😍😀

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if you throw the baby at the blinds in the bedroom you can just delete him forever

Yeah, that was a bug with our original build. It 'should' be fixed in the Post Jam Version

just got done playing this and it was entertaining, the baby is disturbing  and was kinda funny  , had a great time babysitting the demon baby as you can see 

I like what i seen on Youtube of the game, but i am having problems i can't load the game, when i extracted them then pressed the 2020 thing it was  with a message saying: The Procedure entry point CreateDXGIDactory2 could not be loacted in teh dynamic library dxgi.dll.

Really enjoyed this. The baby physics look great. The lack of a soundtrack was a little disappointing though. I felt it lost some ambience without that.

The Post Jam Version has added soundtrack and a few other extras as well :)

Oh no. I must have just missed out on this post jam version. Wish I'd waited now as the stuff you added looks great! Ah well, I really enjoyed playing the jam version anyway. Thanks for making this.


The whole game is a combo of actual fear and comedy and i think that gave this game a really interesting atmosphere to be in :)

What are the controls?

Press F1 in game to bring them up - there's a prompt in the bottom left of the screen

Post jam version. Finally had the excuse to use Zac Efron memes at 7:26. Babysitting demons is great training for real parenthood. I love how the game scared me but also made me laugh. MOSTLY IT WAS THE RAGDOLL MECHANIC

how do i download this it keeps going to my files?

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Click the "Download" button above for the version you want. The .zip file should be in your downloads folder after downloading via Chrome or Internet Explorer. You can access this folder from the explorer quick access list or going to C:\Users\[YourUserName]\Downloads.

Then follow the install instructions above :)

10/10 parenthood simulator

The baby was creepy and loved the pacing. Can't wait to see more from you. 

windows defender deleted .exe


is there a version for windows 10 pro


its not working it says application not found


That was an interesting game there, although I can say that this game is 100% accurate. Being a parent of a 3yr old myself I can say that all these things happen atleast one time whilst raising a kid. 

If you'd like to see how I handled the baby you can check out my video below, thank you for making this game! It was really fun to play! :)


Thanks for playing! And I love the royal garb :D


Thank you!

how do i play the game

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Download one of the listed downloads above and move the file to your desktop, from there right click the file and click the button "Extract Here". After it completes extracting you should see a folder appear on the desktop, open the folder and double click "GMTK2020" and the game should launch from there. Let me know if you need more help or if it works then enjoy the game! ^^

is there a version for mac?

I don't believe so, unfortunately. I'm sorry. :/ 

No, but I could make one! I'll look into it this week 😊

can i download without zip

No, unfortunately not. But on windows you can right click the zip file and hit "extract all"

ok thanks

the game is not scary its hilarious the face when hes angry made me laugh and its quite bad

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i also have some little ideas you could add to the game:

1-a bigger house

2-more things to explore

3-diferent endings 

4-more interaction with the baby and outher things

5-more scary things


7-baby status maybe?

8-the baby can make sounds

9-the baby could have animations when you give the bottle and etc

10-the baby can blink

i also have better idea.

why windows deleting game

thats not an idea

I had a lot of fun playing this and you have really made the baby quite creepy, I loved it! It was cool that you knew something was going to happen but you couldn't tell what the game was going to throw at you!!

What a fun experience. Love the baby physics and the sudden teleportation and tone shifts were great. Only thing I would change is the addition of music, but I saw you've already commented on that. I'll keep an eye out from more from you in the future! I made a video for my channel: 

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the physics are broken, i got rid of the Baby in chapter 1.

you just need to squash it between the fridge doors and the wall, and it will be gone forever.

Also its random teleportation is quite hilarious if you make sure to do the Jobs in a different order. so you can always take the baby with you. Making its random teleportation more Hilarious than creepy/scary.

Well spotted and thanks for playing! We've made the order of objectives a lot more strict in the update we're working on to try and combat some of the flow issues. But ultimately this is a physics based game jam game so it'll never be bug free :D
(P.S. you can press R to restart the chapter in the baby bugs out)

A few more softlock bugs are when certain doors cannot be opened. If you get outside the door before the objective it's a softlock 


1  bug I like to request you guys Keep in the game is at the very end. If you go up without the baby

 it phases trough the wall.

If you guys Keep it in it would be a good and fun jumpscare for unsuspecting players 

I believe these should be fixed in the latest version, let me know if they're not! 

And the pre-end cutscene should still trigger regardless of whether or not you're holding the baby 😁

The game was a lot of fun! I ended up swinging the baby around like a monster playing baseball more often than not, though. I think it would've been a bit spookier if it had some music or a few more sound effects, but it's impressive considering the time restraints / difficulties you encountered while making it, so overall, good job. Keep up the good work~!


How would i download it ? if it takes me to windows how would i do it from there? can i please have some help with this! 

hey i download the game but there is no setting to change the graphics?

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i couldnt download it said           find a version for ur pc

and im on windows

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A friend is having trouble after putting the baby to bed, as it freezes on 'give bottle to baby' in much larger letters in the top left of the screen. We've re-downloaded several times to no avail. Tips?

Woomie vv

Is there any programs running alongside it? Sometimes other apps can cause problems with games, even apps like discord could be the reason. (I know it sounds weird but its true XD) I would restart your pc and try to run the game without anything else running, if that fixes the issue then you could play the game then or if you are aiming to record the game you can try to find the problem app and just close that one. 

I can't seem to get past chapter one. Every time I play it, I can finish the first part and then it just freezes on a screen saying 'Give bottle to baby.' By the way, I have Oculus + SteamVR, which automatically seems to launch every time i open the game. I've tried to launch it after deleting the the OpenVR and Oculus files, but then it pops up with a screen saying 'Fatal erorr!' Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this, I'm new to bug reporting and wasn't sure where to exactly put it. 

It was a fun game but I think it would be better if you added in some extra sounds to make the atmosphere a bit creepy

Amazing game!! Enjoyed it :)

Here's the gameplay ;)

I had so much fun with this. I am interested to see if there will be more.

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