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This game is incredible! Nice work.

great game! it's pretty funny to throw the baby around, and the baby doing the t-pose killed me lol.

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Hi, I have a bug, can you help me? error from below


The game does not work, the error "The entry point to the CreateDXGIFactory2 procedure was not found in the DLL dxgi.dll."

Hi! Please make sure you've downloaded the latest version of the game. 

Also, what version of Windows are you running? 

the version seems to be the latest, downloaded from your site,windows 7, you can throw a link to a newer version?

The latest version was uploaded yesterday, this may indicate that UE4. 25.2 does not contain the fix we expected. 

(note: only the Post Jam Version has the fix)

The game does not work, the error "The entry point to the CreateDXGIFactory2 procedure was not found in the DLL dxgi.dll."

Hi! Can you confirm if you are running Windows 7? Unfortunately the latest version of Unreal Engine (4.25.1) broke windows 7 support. We will update The Baby In Yellow as soon as 4.25.2 is released. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Looks like 4.25.2 was released a day or two ago! I'll update our build ASAP :)

I have updated the build.
Let me know if that fixes your issue, thank you!


You can throw the fucker around the room 10/10


I had a lot of fun with this. babies will always be creepy XD


I hate when people self  promote on here.

So fuck you.

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I'm pretty fantastic so at least one of us would have a good time

since I think you're special and you liked it so much here is my twitter and my instagram

Which I never promote. Look at you, taking the initiative though and responding *tiny applause*


I always thought it would be good to share your videos with the dev since this where a lot of devs come to start and find their growth, so instead of fighting with the youtube search they could get traction on their game page along with being able to see peoples feedback and reaction to their game. I may be wrong though, but I think if the developers had a problem with people commenting on their page they'd remove it or ask people not to do it. But I feel its a win-win for both parties involved, devs get page traction and smaller youtubers have a bit of exposure since it can be really hard to get noticed on youtube. 


Attacking other commenters is not appreciated. 

@LordOfNope nice comeback though 👌

We love seeing people post playthroughs here! It takes time to record and edit these videos and it is humbling to see people enjoying our game so much! 

If people were to post unrelated videos or links to arbitrary social media accounts we'd take issue. But we believe that it's to our, the streamers and the audience's benefit to see so much fantastic creative content for The Baby In Yellow here in the comments.

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Typically, a cloth diaper is called a nappy by the British and people from Australia.

Hi! This is a crazy spooky game lol. Playing more tomorrow!!


I loved babysitting the devil baby. Very charming little game that gets creepy, but still maintains a good mix of humor throughout. Thanks Team Terrible. Followed you and will be playing your other games! :)

Awesome! Thanks for playing 😁 Jeff From Accounting is one of my favourite other games we've made recently. Do let us know what you think! 

Team Terrible,  I've added a Clip to TikTok and the volume of questions about downloading this game on mobile is huge, You should get this copyrighted and work on mobile, It's in high demand for kids on the app store.  


Cool! In the UK copyright is automatic, can you link to your tiktok? If there's demand we'd definitely consider a port 😊

What a crazy ending holy didn't expect that at all! You got me there...

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Played this game today in my live stream and MAN was it a blast. Those carry mechanics, yeeting the baby across the map, hours of fun! Some of the sudden changes and jumpscares defiantly got me, even if they were subtle. (beware the flying pants!) Only one thing, the ending does feel slightly underwhelming with very little explanation to what exactly is going on. maybe a jump scare, voice line or something similar at the end could make the experience feel more 'complete'? 

If you're interested in watching, feel free to check it out :) 

Thanks for playing and for the the great feedback! We didn't want to change the structure of the ending too much from the original 48 hour jam version. That being said we may revisit it again in the future! 

No problem, I'll be sure to look out for you guys in future jams!


I'll be honest. I didn't think this game would get me with a jumpscare.  But it did. Now I hate babies...even more. Thanks dev!!

This was very enjoyable for a Game Jam game

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The game is interesting and cool!

Great work.


I was supposed to upload this game a while ago but its finally here, feel free to check out the gameplay. i hope you guys find it entertaining!

WOW WEE this game is great really it is I love the picking up of the baby and the way you have to take care of the devils kid its so good cant wait to see what happens next

This was a fun game to experience, it was funny and scary. I Love It😘

this was a great game i really enjoyed it.

This devil baby is straight from hell.

This game was VERY good! I thoroughly enjoyed playing this short horror game, and i'm hoping we get more of this in the future! Maybe the developer can expand onto this game at some point potentially? I think it would be really cool to see more of this! (: 

That was very fun! I wish it was a little longer but I really enjoyed it. 

Thanks Mr Sparkle (love the name by the way!)

the reason a random person like myself wanted to play it was because i saw my fav youtubers Bijuu Mike And Messyourself play it lo

Glad you swung by to play! Hope you have fun :)

Thank you so much for the help i have seen your work and this game looks very fun! please make more games like this in the future! :)

We will try! :D
Check out our other games here:
Jeff From Accounting is one of my favourites!

how do i play it after i downloaded it??

There're Download & Install Instructions on the download page

  1. Choose to download for free or donate and buy us a beer
  2. Download the zip of the version you want (Post Jam is the newest) 
  3. Right click the zip file and "extract all"
  4. Run the game by then double clicking GMTK2020.exe

On that note, I've actually had troubles running the game. I've tried the current and a previous version and keep getting an "Entry Point Not Found" error and cannot play. Ideas?

Does the error you see mention dxgi.dll? And if so are you running Windows 7? Unfortunately the latest version of Unreal (4.25.1) broke support for Win7. I will be updating the build as soon as a fix is released. 

That is the case, yes. I guess I'll just keep an eye out for that update.

Hey i played your game for my channel!

That was a lot of fun to watch! I love how you ran all the way into the kitchen when the baby became possessed in the bathroom. Thanks for playing!! :)

Fun game! I'm hoping for an update at some point, feel like you could do a lot more with the idea for sure. The physics we're cracking me up too in my video lol

Hey, thanks for playing! We actually released an update a few days ago - download the "Post Jam Version". It's significantly more polished :)

Nice I'll check it out, sure it's amazing!

The game was so weird! It was also scary but funny at the same time. Well done!

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

Pour les Francophones !

its not working for me


What's the problem?

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

I found playing Cocomelon helped put the baby to sleep...


O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

I knew I wasn't good with kids but this really shows why I shouldn't ever babysit lol great work! 

Awesome game creators! The only thing that I didn't like was the copyrighted sounds. Other than that, great attempt to try and scare me :p

Here's my video, if you want to see a real dude not get scared and make it kinda funny, i dare you to check it out

I believe all the sounds and music were taken from and under the creative commons licence as mentioned in the game's description. If we have breached any copyrights please let us know which ones and we'll remove/replace the sounds from the game :) 

Sure thing and thank you! I removed them from the video I uploaded and replaced them. There are two copyrighted claims, the first one is when you are attempting to change the "baby" and it starts floating in the air. It's the sudden music that plays when you first see it. The sound effect is approximately 40 seconds long .The second one is at the end when the baby is in its room and you go into the room, then it takes you into the air then kills you. That one is 10 seconds long. If you watch my video and compare it to your game, you will notice the different sounds at 8:51-9:29 and 10:14-10:24 than what is in your game. 

Hope this helps

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Sounds like it's the music then, that's unfortunate. The licence allows for non commercial use but it seems youtube will present a claim regardless. The claim can be ignored though if you're not monitising the video.

Understood and thank you for looking into it! 


I love love LOVED this project. So much fun and it legitimately scared me at a few points. 11/10 you all should 100% play this game!

I loved the way the baby looked at me it was traumatizing haha I did a live show with this game and the audience loved it ... please continue to hold this excellent work (the gameplay is in spanish, the game is in the minute 33:51)😁


Fun little game!

Link to my channel to watch more of my videos (opens in new tab)

Amazing game! The graphics and physics are on point! I would love to see this become a full game on steam or something like that!

really loved this game! please check out my play through below 

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