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hehe i love it

absolutamente, horrivelmente, pessimamente incrivel de dar medo até o osso |

An Absolutely awsome game as always, 

I like Baby in Yellow and I made a video of all the characters of the game!

Someone disliking all my post! THNX 4 THINKING OF ME

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Awesome game love it love the update u guys did so well done thank u 👍👍👍

Dieses Baby macht mich wahnsinnig!

Wirklich ein unterhaltsamer Indie! Hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Freue mich aufs Update!

WHAT? Is That Serious


Will there be anything else?

love it thank you so much so awesome :)


i love this game. The baby is really cute hahaha

I literally tuned this into a funny game on accident but other than that this game is a HUGE W

There are more parts to this game on my channel so please go check it out

A really funny and cool game I loved it 


DONT trust this fat headed child!

I remember playing this game about a year ago so I came back to stream it and realized the developer is still working on updates and I decided to play the Christmas Edition.

Absolute incredible game! I would love to play, record, and stream every version that you have made. I looked a while back and I think there was at least one or two that I couldn't find download links to, could somebody tell me how many different versions there are and possibly give me a link?

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the video! 😁

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Hi, thanks for playing! 

We have a public build archive here:


We love Satan Babies

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لعبة  الهربة ههه


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Лучшая игра что я видел!! Спасибо автору за шедевр


This is literally the best series on the channel, I love this game so much🔥

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This is easy guys Just RKO The BABY

it wont let me download


why wont the mac download work for me even though i have enough disk space???

We don't have a mac download, the game is for Windows, iOS and Android only 🙂

If that is the case, why does it show up under the mac filter?

Looks like our iOS download link had the "Apple" platform symbol checked assuming this meant iOS not MacOS. This has now been removed.

Thanks for letting us know! 

well made, i did the thanksgiving event, i rate this a 10/10

i havent wanted to play this game for a while bc the baby looked corny to me but holy shit this is so well made and fun rated 5/5


I absolutely had a blast playing this game! makes me never want to babysit again. Cant wait to see what the next update has to offer! Keep up the good work! Feel free to check out my playthrough!



pls add a low detail mode. it would be helpfu


You can change the graphics settings in the pause menu 😁👍

^The baby is crazy


full gameplay

nice game



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Hella fun
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Help me please it says the following error when I log in: A D3D11-compatible GPU (Feature Level 11.0, Shader Model 5.0) is required to run the engine.  Help me

Hi! Unfortunately this could mean your graphics card isn't powerful enough to run the game. Please update your graphics drivers first, and if the issue persists, email 

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I payed for the bee costume after i updated it says to pay again as u can see there is no restore puchasesHi i payed for the bee costume and after i updated to put on the bee costume its says to buy it again and there is no restore purchases

Hi! You can restore purchases from the settings menu (cog top right). 

It did not work

Please contact us at with the email address you purchased with and we'll look into it on Google Play. Thanks!

My email address is

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