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is the new update out yet?


It's coming May 26th! 😁

Ahhh ok ty!! Im very excited and misread the date for march 26 TvT Still excited tho! T y fof replying!

MAY 26? HOLY CRAP I NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT after the 2 weeks im gonna have to wait...

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The christmas baby in yellow!
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The baby in yellow!

I should have layed off of the drugs i think lol

Had fun time!

Again! Just awesome game! dont stop making games!


Jogo muito bom, recomendo 

This baby scared me so much like it was nothing 😂 Very good game 👍

can you also make a macOS version?



Forever love this game

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can you give me baby in yellow outwitt mod please I really need it

this mod is in Team Outwitt's Patreon

No commentary
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I got to the secret teaser area to the white rabbit update in V1.3.2 lol

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I cant open your public build archive, error 400 occuring :(

Not sure why the link changed, but here's the new link

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Posted part two I cannot wait for the update 



Just Put out Part 2 of my Playthrough! This Section of the Game is alot more scarier...

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so I have the game but it wont let me do the black cat update all it says is coming soon what do i do

The Black Cat update is releasing May 26th. Please download the latest version to get access to the new costume for the baby. 

In the meantime you can check out our trailers and teasers on our youtube channel or join us on Discord.

Thanks for playing! 


Played This And Kinda Got Carried Away With Throwing Around The Baby...

If you have never played this before I recommend you to try it out!

The Devs Put Some Work Into This Game. 👍

and the black cat update ? 

it comes out in may 


It wont let me download it! it says a file is missing :( I love this game.. I don't know how to fix it! I'm soo sad :(((

Please send a screenshot of the error and a description of the problem to and we'll do our best to help 😊

This game is so chaotic...

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This baby wants to curse me with scary face and curse

Best horror game

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someone please give me the link to outwitt mod I really need it

Good game!

Good game :) 

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Nice game bro

btw you needed even more time for a black cat update?


We did, it's a pretty big update 😅

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btw I just clicked the link to your public build archive and error 400 appeared

I tried VPN, still didnt work

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im russian btw if you see



Can you release this game on steam?

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Interesting game! I posted other episodes on my channel if you want to watch it.

A new small video about Baby in Yellow!

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This game is super weird. What is even going on?

Part 1 this game is so fun I love the little cat outfit you can put on him I also totally didn't try and flush him 

Wow! I am incredibly impressed with how good this game is.

Good Horror!


Gameplay completo!

This game is super fun, great completely accurate depiction of what babysitting is like


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