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I mean its not that scary


We'll try harder in the update 👻

The baby is a demon lol

dawg this was prolly one of the weirdest/scariest games ive ever played. IT DID GET ME THOUGH.

I MAY have thrown him against the wall a few times.. Very cute baby very scary game 

es un juego que la verdad me asuste dos veces, pero es gracioso por el bebe las caras etc. Yo le doy un 9/10


When i run the game on linux that say: Cannot find a compatible Vulkan Driver (ICD) someone can help me please ?

Good game but anyone have the 32bit version (sorry about my english)

Hi Little Banana! Unfortunately, there is no 32-Bit version of The Baby In Yellow. Please reply to this if you have any further questions. :)

gran juego muy bueno la verdad

this game is the perfect balance between weird, scary and comical lmao i liked it.


YEEE IT IS(dont mind me im a cosplayer UvU

loved this game 

This game is 🔥🔥

32 bits pls

32 bit PLS

linux port does not work

Good time! Wish there was more of it, outlined some of my thoughts in my podcast!

While watching your review, you mentioned if Team terrible are updating the game at all, and they are updating the game very soon with new endings and more lore! Join the Discord for more info in the near future!

I played it the second time, after I was too scared :D

Like this game.

Baby In Yellow ~ Short Game Review 

No Commentary ~ Full Playthrough 

I have a problem. I've already ran ue4_prerequisitesx64.exe and the game's still not opening... It says "Couldn't start" :(

Have you tried extracting the game files? :)


eeeeee meio ruin

Excellent game - would love to see more !

umm what is  ue4_prerequisitesx64.exe 

unreal engine 4 prerequisites

oh- thx

How do I open the game cause it is being weird and not showing wear I open 


on the newer linux verson whenever i go into the game and press play it just goes black, but it still tells me to feed the baby... is that supposed to happen? i

If you need further assistance with this issue, please join the Discord or contact Team Terrible via Email!


this game was amazing and very scary!!! Here's my gameplay on it if you wanna check it out!

the best game in world\


J'ai vue le jeu, et c'est pas ouf...😂

It's scary to watch and even scarier to play. Too scary for me, but I'm a scaredy-cat :D

This demon baby couldn't stand a chance against me. I literally beat the demon out of it. Check it out here

Speed Run.


This game is very famous.


this game isn't religious, cristian doesn't like IT >:(


i like it

The latest linux version isn't listed as linux meaning that the itch client won't allow it to be downloadable and is only accessible from the web browser version of itch. Could you guys fix that?

Fixed! Let us know how you get on 😁

Pretty nice game to show your frustration on some shit-ass kid LMFAO

Here are two vids I made on the game (no commentary)

Video 2

(1 edit) (+1)

A Baby yeeting simulator, but the baby has had enough... I loved it! <3


Great playthrough dude! Loved your reactions 😂 thanks for playing!

Thank you very much! I post twice a week and stream on Sundays! perhaps I will see you guys some time! 


This was so good but i got very creeped out when they were upset- Great game tho! 10/10


I like this game. This is really creepy but not that scary. Nice game!

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