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Looks great! I'll give it a go! Id love if youll see my game page 2! ❤


ok what is the game?

A first person psychological horror game, its on my page

 bebe feio do caralho vai tomar no cu

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Awesome Update! Had alot fun!! Keep up with your great work!

ME ENCANTA!! Con ganas de mas!!

I had a amazing time, can't wait to see the ending.

DAAAMN, i had a super good time playing this!

Super good gem. 


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Hey TeamTerrible can i ask you something does your game support controller support

Partially. Controllers should work in game, but not the UI I'm afraid. It's been a while since I tested it! I'll put it on the list of things for next year 😊 thanks for asking! 

- Aaron

oh by the way Aaron when are you going release Easter Update on your Baby In Yellow

We have no plans for an easter update as we're working hard on The Black Cat 😊

Loving all the new updates! I played the Halloween and bedtime stories updates in my video.

I really enjoyed baby sitting baby pumpkin head. 🎃

Such an amazing game!

This game need to go to steam

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🔥The Game Was Hella Long but cool!🔥

One of the best games I've played! It was so much fun to play, most definitely recommend!

Loved this neat little game, was a very cool experience! Definitely recommend!

Loved the update!!! Cant wait for the black cat!!!

Absolutely awesome! 


Sorry I'm late for my first day of babysitting.  I assure you that your baby is in safe hands.  I mean as long as he isn't a demon or anything, then we should be fine.  Um why is there something moving in your whiteboard?



I've heard so much about this game, and seen brief snippets of it, and good lord does it live up to every good word I've heard about it, and SOOO much more! Very well done and can't wait for The Black Cat! Played as part of my Halloween Horror Week as the Finale! Couldn't think of a better game to wrap it up with!

Nice update !

I've never gotten a chance to play baby in yellow but do know the reputation and it delivers!! only played a couple nights but will return very soon. Baby is just misunderstood 9/10 

Very nice horror game!!

Check out my video, first of my channel

this was a GREAT experiences LOLLL


This is one of those games that will go down as a "classic" one day! So much fun and the "spookyness" is more on the cute side of things, but still, a great game!

Amazing game! So much fun and scary! I should have played this the 1st day it came out! Great job  👍🏾

This game is amazing. I love the ragdoll physics and the jumpscares got me good! Loved the quality of this game and I hope the developers make another scary game down the line.

Check out my video of me getting spooked with some funny moments in between! <3

una update muy bonita estéticamente,  una buena forma de esperar la siguiente actualización 

Lol good game 10 out of 10 angry nannie here

This game was awesome!


Ayo! Ive'd been playing this game all the way from Day 1! I love the new Halloween Update and the new things taht have been added. 

I wish you all a Good Day!

This baby keeps on evolving...!!


I liked throwing the baby around 10/10 game.

when will they add the version for linux


You have turned a slightly disturbing game into an absolutely horrifying game! Gosh darn lol. I played this about half a year ago and you have made it way better since then. i was wondering why you put a crouch feature in, until I realized I could use it to find hidden objects and.. well.... escape satan..


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Great game! But I managed to break it with the pacifier lol

at 15:00 in my video I was able to grab the pacifier through a small crack but I wasn't able to drop it and was unable to pick up the Toastie4000 to continue. Just reloaded the level and all was good. Had a blast playing the rest of the game and following the White Rabbit!

Thanks for letting us know!


This game is great because it reminds me to take my birth control


💀Now I don't like kids

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