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 Love the most recent update! Team Terrible? More like Team Awesome! Keep up the good work my friends. Recorded a bit of the most creepiest baby to watch for a few dollars.

hi its when the next update i want a date or a month?

Awesome and funny! And thats all just with a small baby!

Great Game!

Awesome to see how far it's come from the original demo, really fleshed out. great mix of funny and scary. it lets you have freedom to play around in some areas which i really like!

i cant play because the "d3dcomputer" was not in the code what do i do :(

Please email a screenshot of the error to, and we'll do our best to help! 


hello Aaron i think i figured it out but the games laggy and i dunno how to fix it and im on windows


i got legs-

snap back to reality op there goes gravity op there goes gravity dope he so mad at me

Docter Sues who

Finally did the last part. It was so much fun. Awesome game!!

Verrrrryyy Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

But the end is hard.

Hello! Finally got around to playing this game this week and had a really fun time. I can't wait to see more updates to this game, really great job with it so far! Thanks so much for making and sharing this game. 

I played this for my YouTube channel, if you'd like you can watch here!


I work in a translation team (Portuguese translations), and we would like to contact you if you would like to partner and have a translation. Thank you for your time if you happen to read this.

The Aozora team.


Hi Pedro, 

Please email for business related enquiries. 


I already sent you an e-mail some time ago.
I hope that you already received.

you don't answer me.
I am still waiting.

if they still have not answered you maybe post the e-mail again?


Keep an eye on our social media channels this weeeeeeeek!

Played the first part with my son. This game was really fun to play.

when is the update?

Bebe do demônio kkkk game top, recomendo! Em breve faço mais videos com os updates!

I really enjoyed the game :D cant wait for more updates!

JUEGAZOOO, GOTY, Está muy perro y muy entretenido, tiene unos detalles muy lindo que demuestran el juego se hizo con amor, no como mi vídeo, por si quieren verlo xd

yes i would like to know when the next update is i got to make part 2 to this but im still waiting on a new update


when is the next update


Great Game!

Game was super fun & scary

I had an absolute blast playing this game! There were so many things that shocked me which made me more invested. Yes that includes the oven (if you know what I mean). If your curious about my experience, you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video that I posted here!

Still a really cool story line with chase scenes, puzzles and some funny moments right before the scary kicks in. 10/10 would play again

bro i didnt know this was a horror game ;-; i ended up escaping but still

I LOVE this game! I had so much fun playing it!

yay baby


Great game, its simply and that's why its so great. Its the base of a great horror game but after a big update of content I think you should start a Sequel, Maybe like "the baby in yellow 2 the Final chapters" would be pretty good and fresh. Can't wait and see Future games and content from y'all ❤


Thank you for such a lovely comment, and thank you for playing! 

We have lots of fun plans in the works for the future 🥳

Muy buen juego

When will the new update come out

It says for me that "The code execution cannot proceed because D3DCOMPILER_43.dill was not found." the it asks me to reinstall and then once I do it just says it again. What do I do?

Very nice jumpscare, if you get six souls

then open the toy box

Spam the ??? Button until you see the eye, look at it for a second

Boom! A jumpscare

Team terrible, this game is the best!

An incredible game with a level of polish that far exceeded my expectations, an example of what I love about indie games. 

I had so much fun making this video and it ended up being my favorite piece I've created so far. Cannot wait for any projects from you in the future <3

Great Game!

The game is very entertaining and manages to get into the role!! wow

i cant open it/ download it. please fix this for macOS


Unfortunately The Baby In Yellow is currently only available on Windows, Android and iOS. 


are you gonna make itt work on mac soon???

Thanks Aaron

loved it

Very fun game i enjoyed it alot and it also made me realise i would suck to be a dad atm lol

A very creative and fun game, I am surprised that despite my low resources it is so well optimized that I had no problems.

I wanna make you aware someone using your footage to clame your game on google play but under a different name while also stealing movie clip from a disney movie

I've not been able to steal the footage but i have screenshots of the ad 

pancake milkshake


This Game was FUN to record! I cant wait for the future updates that's gonna come :D

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