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I hate this baby !

i absolutely love this game!! usually i make lets play content, so i decided to give making a helpful type of video a shot...? anyways... i found all the endings! i didn't even realize there were four ahaha. love the secret ending and the bottles unlocked after finding the 12 souls too!! 

Great Game!

can you make the game available for Macbook and Mac Pc users?

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hey, i like the game but i want to download the older versions, is there anyway to?

Of course, we've uploaded the latest of each major version of the PC build here:

thanks! it helps alot!

I've seen this game floating around before but because I had an old ass mac sierra I never was able to play it. But now since I got a PC I decided to play Baby in Yellow for the first time, even though I should've probably played the actual game first before playing the Christmas update but... idgaf

Someone please kill the baby

It's black and white for me...

hi team terrible! i wanted to download the game but it keeps saying ''error cant download'' what do i do?

I had a great time playing the Christmas chapter, plus that nod to what will be his next project means that I can't wait with great anticipation for March to arrive, good game! 👍 Team Terrible! 

Chapter Complete Here Subtitulado en Español.

good game, now im scared

The cutest demon ever.

I love this game so much! I can't wait to see what's next! 

I am sorry that I laughed when I was playing it

I gotta say that I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH😁💙💙. Also, this is such a nice fun update to the game.

Nunca dejan de sorprendernos! 10/10


I am NOT the father





The creators to this game do not dissapoint. This game is filled with laughs and jumpscares when you least expect them. Absaloutely loved the Christmas update. I can't wait for more in March 😃


I'm back, this time with the Christmas Chapter! What an awesome game, from Night One to the newest, I can not wait until the next chapter drops in March! This is my vid, please enjoy!


no way team terrible uploaded media for content creators what?? that's sO HELPFUL, please have literally all my money lol. i'm kinda late to the party, but this was the first game i played on i had been wanting to play for awhile, so i'm glad i did. i had an awesome experience playing with the halloween and christmas updates and i'm so freaking excited for the black cat to come out. thank you for making this game, and happy holidays folks :))


Come to my channel!



Hello everybody! Come to my channel!

Very good! Well done!



Best game on any platform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is awesome, I think the devs did an awesome job on this.

This is a masterpiece, can't wait for March 2023 !


love the game


Great Game


W Game


New update enjoyed it!


I played it again for my channel, this time it's the Exit Chapter! I really love this game! Please take a look :)


Had fun playing the game ;) 


Loved every update but you just can't beat a Christmas update.

I would not live with this baby in my house! Thanks for bringing this update! Made it way better <3 
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