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ta ai criador pra voce  



the best update so far!

or yeet

depends on the context

kick the baby!


Awesome update!

the dedication to content you guys put in is amazing, every season, expanding the lore it never ends and its a detriment to you as developers, i really appreciate it because this game is brilliant! i love coming back every time and playing the new content and im so hyped for march! loved this new chapter is was something.... strange and thats the way i like it! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy!

This is one of the nicest comments I've ever read. Thanks so much for taking the time to share! <3


Good update Gameplay in French Road to 430 subscribes !!
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Spending My CHRISTMAS With An EVIL Baby...

The Video Title Says It All... 🎄


the goodest game forever!

Awesome! I love The Baby in Yellow.


Génial comme toujours !!! 

Vraiment hâte de découvrir la grosse update de 2023 :]

I am a Chinese boy.I found it on Bilibili.I am very like,I didn't play it.But I want to play it at Windows with my friend.I heard that Christmas was updated.But I don't want to play it, I want to play authentic.How to play the pre-Christmas version?

If you email us at we'll send you the older version for Windows . Otherwise you'll need to wait until the holiday season is over 😊


First time to play this game. . I really love it! Thank you!!

Must keep up with the awesome work! 


love it thank you 


Wow Christmas Update Chapter Unlocked! 

Cannot WAIt For the full game!!


what time is the Christmas update out today ?


The Update is out now!

i keep clicking on download and it doesnt download it says Waiting for then nothing happens

Maybe we broke with this release 😎


very excited for the cat!


monday tomorrow

Like 9 am tommorow? or later or lower?

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can i try out the christmas chapter


It's comes out tomorrow!

what time is it today?

It's out now!

What did I FEED this BABY! | The Baby in Yellow | Indie Horror Game - YouTube

Sehr gutes Spiel (German/Deutsche Version)

Simply great, one of the scariest games ever!Can't wait for your next game!

Unfortunately I had to escape! I felt like crap when I did it though. Why can’t we just get along buddy!! 

Black Cat can’t get here fast enough. But in all honesty I’d be this little guys full time baby sitter if he didn’t want to kill me and we could just be cool. 

the updates just dont stop! 

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The Demon Babehhh 👶🏻😈

Great Game!
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Oyun çok gerici ve çok güzel


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Le meilleur des bébés :]

Viement la prchaine update

Never ask me to babysit again.... 

Just finished the game and it's top tier, check it out.

10/10 game


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