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is this game not mac compatible ? downloaded but doesnt work 

As per the game's page, Babylirious is only available for Windows. For a refund, please contact support. Thanks!

ok thanks will do 


bunu nasıl bedava indiririz söylermisiniz


knk desteklemen lazım


The baby in yellow is free but not THIS GAME!


Dude stop. go play that. if you cant afford 3$.


Why we have to pay for the game i really wanted to play it :(

Una pregunta como se compra? porque no me deja hice todo y me aparece pagando 2.99 por babylirious pero como lo descargo? esto me aparece que hago?

Hi, we have received your email and replied with instructions on how to purchase and download. If you are still having issues with payment or downloads please email, as we do not have control over that part of the site. Thanks :)


make it free pls


make it free please


Gerçekten çok iyi.


Make the demo version (day 1-2 only)



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$566.99 is not, $0.99 for sale!

bunun ücretsiz versiyonunu yapar mısınız lütfen


Make it free


Make free pls


yes ;-;


You should clearly write that is does not work on Macs bc mine does work on my Mac


because its very small at the top


can you try make it for Mac

Baby in Yellow and your sister Babylirious

It is a copy game of The baby in yellow, if it were a fangame it would be understood but it costs 2.99 USD and the worst thing is that you cannot even play

We made both the Baby In Yellow and Babylirious. Babylirious was a commercial product made with the youtuber H20 delirious, hence the premium price tag.

Sorry, I'm an idiot, I don't usually read the names of the developers of certain games, sorry

oyun paralımı?


ours and very expensive $ 2.99 USD


i want my refund please .


im litterly crying,i cant play it,it wont let me play it even tho i have the folder , i dont get this somebody please help .

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Hi, sorry to hear you're having difficulties playing the game. 

Please ensure you've run UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe as per the install instructions. 

If this doesn't resolve your issue could you please email us with details (and screen shot of the error). 


ur crying?


u just stole the game Baby in yellow U only changed the texture



We are Team Terrible, we made The Baby In Yellow 😁

Babylirious is a spin off made specially for H2ODelirious to celebrate the birth of his daughter! 

da pra baixar e entrar pelo celular?

this is bad i bought it and it never opend no matter what i did 


i lI love H2o im try to get the gameet the game 

tem como baixar de graça?

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can I download this game on my MacBook Pro? it's because I don't have windows


if you truly think it not worth the money you are NO delirious fan but a DEMON to the delirious fans



Not worth $ 2.00



Hi! If you've purchased the game and are having trouble running it please contact us at and we'll try to resolve your issue as soon as possible!


you have to press dawnload


i cant play the game whats going on wtf ?!?

Hi, could you explain the problem you're having? And we'll do our best to help! 😊


make it free please


boy no do u not get what this games about-

i cant seem to open it


wow, you can legit get the same game but free

do you know the site ?!?!?


and i thick this game can not be free


i love this game but it is saying buy it plz plz plz  make it free and i don t have $ so plz make it freeee


Please make it free like Baby in Yellow... We love more both the games more plz make it free...


Can you make it free please ;-;

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