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This was lots of fun! Congratulations H20 Delirious!

Congrats to H2O Delirious! If you can, you should make a version for Mac, bc I only have a MacBook Air

I have a MacBook Pro, well, technically it's my mom's computer but still!!!!!

Oh, so kinda same problem!


Great adaptation! It had enough of Baby In Yellow to feel familiar and enough changes in story/mechanics to make it suspenseful! Lots of fun! 


Can you make it free pls


Can you make it free pls


can you make it free

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Wicked game! Loved the crow🤪Jumped scared a good couple times😱 Hope they come out with one more!!


could you make it free?

i enjoyed the game great job on the game


fock i hare thes gaym it hes jumposcers

Deleted 3 years ago

u r a gud boi


We babysat for H20 Delirious. Things got a little weird. Are we babysitters from hell? Or is this baby from hell?! If you enjoy this video, please leave a like and comment. If you enjoy it and want to see more awesome content, make sure to SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching!

У меня не получаеться оплатить игру,как вы оплачиваете её?

вы нажимаете купить, и я использую гугл переводчик


Well worth the $2 to buy this game.

Had a lot of fun playing it and being the best babysitter there is.

Would recommend this game to anyone.Some nice jump scares in there also.

thank you for making this game, I hope to see more from you.


Um...Yeah we need back up there's a haunted plushie


Baby Yellow's Sister

Another horror baby game


Fantastic game, I really enjoyed it. The jump scares were kind of silly but overall very enjoyable.

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Noice! My idea: Make the 3th version of baby in yellow. BUT! i want you to make the baby as Lauren!. And make the house better.

Also: Thesse are same as bacoons. BabyLauren is haunted by H20 delirious plushies!

Also add  this GIF at the computer screen! Add the computer back from Babylirious! ( DOING ALL OF THIS WILL MAKE THE GAME BETTER! )


When house better: 2.20 $

When babyLauren added: 0.09$

When the gif is put on the computer screen: 1.20$

When Added the computer back from Baby lirious: 0.10$

The game will cost.... 3.59$

so this is made by the same people that made Baby in Yellow right


Deleted post >.<

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Very cool remake of Baby In Yellow. It made me jump a few times. I do not watch H20 but I enjoyed it either way.

Dunanananana batcon

This was So much fun! It was nice to see the house being the same as in the original because it helped me know where to go when looking for things XD I look forward to seeing more in the future!


please make this free

really really enjoyed this! Please check out my play through below 


free game plss 

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I think its awesome how you guys actually made "Babylirious" a thing in commission for his new-born daughter. From just being the name of his video, to being the name of your next game. Hats off to you Team Terrible.

If you have the $3 laying around and willing to spare, go and give it a shot! Its about a 10-15 minute long game.





i think also


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. The game is cute! Comparing to The Baby in Yellow, the game become even cuter with the mask and Raccoons. Cuter and funnier!

2. That's a nice homage to H2ODelirious! It's really wholesome!

3. I think it's scarier than the Baby in Yellow.


1. Comparing to the Baby in Yellow, I can't help but notice that all the bugs stayed unfixed: the stuff like accessing interactable things through walls, seeing not-reflected world in the mirror, getting the baby stuck in walls etc.

2. Again, comparing to the Baby in Yellow - the same content, only for 3$ instead of being free.

3. The last time, comparing to the Baby in Yellow, there is no development in story or in the world or lore. The game even feels shorter.


If I would have to rate this game as a horror experience and a follow-up to the Baby in Yellow, I'd, honestly, rate it 3/5 stars. I mean, there is no development story-wise, the same bugs, it doesn't surprises anymore with the mechanics and it costs money. But at the same time this game is a 5/5 - star homage to H2ODelirious. So, I rate this 5/5 as a matter of fact, but I still feel a bit disappointed.

Hope my feedback was useful!


Hi Erderi! 

The scope of the project didn't give us much time to fix bugs, only add new content. But we did have a lot of fun making the game for H2O. 

Thanks for playing and for the critical feedback, we really appreciate it! 😁

This was a really nice homage to H2ODelirious! And I love the additions that were added to the gameplay itself, seems to fit really well with the references that were put in here, even if I didn't know what any of it meant. Overall, a great game!

Thanks for the awesome feedback Adrionic! 


awww cute baby


i like this. delirious' child in a recent game he played


Thank you!


this is litterly a shameless rip off of baby in yellow


The Babylirious game was commissioned by H2ODelirious in celebration of his new born daughter. He loved the original and asked us to skin it for him 😁 we had a blast making it! 

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fair enough also i don't know who this h20 guy is


everyone knows him


well i dont



yes its made by the same developers!


i was not talking to you


this game is just the baby in yellow with very little changes




Ahh this was great! Love the addition of the batcoons and the creepy crow. Loved it :)


I finally met Babylirious!!!
Hows it go, check it out on youtube!
Love the game!!!!


She's back! The first game I thought the baby is a boy but it's a girl? And this time it's the evil racoon that's causing all the trouble. Don't worry, daddy got this. Will protect you until mommy gets back... and see what we have done XD 

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