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H2ODelirious is home alone with Babylirious

What could possibly go wrong...


Created for H2ODelirious by Team Terrible


H2O Delirious

Team Terrible

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Is you're having issues with the build please feel free to comment below or contact Team Terrible via email, Discord or Twitter.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Terrible
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Physics, Singleplayer, weird


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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baby lirious mom liz katz daddy h2o lirious youube game baby lirious

I ment not free

Why is the game no free The Baby in Yellow has more content then this game and its free well this game has less content and costs 2.99 USD

Im not saying that this game is bad just only get it if you are a die-hard Baby in Yellow fan

NO I WANT TO HAVE IT FOR FREE please Terrible please?

i want fre

Me too:(

some dude posted a free download link in this comments but then Terrible Deleted it

Me 3

for all those commenting "tHiS iS a RiPoFf oFf ThE bAbY iN yElLoW!!11!!!", this game was made before the baby in yellow, and, this is made by the SAME PEOPLE WHO MADE THE BABY IN YELLOW

stop being stupid

But I know and also now I have to go cry in the corner because you just called stupid Thank you for that no really I couldnt have made this joke if it wasnt for you calling me stupid

plese free game download please

do the baby in yellow easter update on april 1

Good idea WHY WONT HE DO IT!??!??!?!


This game needs to be on google play i dont use a computer

But it is on Google play and if your on moblie then how are you using Itch.io?

Great GAME i loved the spin of the baby in yellow and h20delirious lol! I'm not H2ODelirious, but I'm babysitting for him! What could go wrong?


is just baby in the yellow but it's mini remake

but i never in this game before is like  baby in the yellow


really good game! like the baby in yellow but as a girl!


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why we need to buy a girl version of a game we get for free, its like when u call a Halloween dlc existing and new but then it just comes out as cobwebs and blood placed randomly around the map

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    • hmmmmmmmmmmm?

    And lets not forget that The Baby in Yellow has WAY more content then this game

    bonjour team terrible pourquoi mettre le jeu babylirious payant ? alors que the baby in yellow est gratuit alors que ce jeu est pour un youtubeur


    this sucks


    Too small The Baby in Yellow is free and has more content

    grtuitement je veut pas achter stp j’aime pas achter.

    j’ai le baby en jaune mais pas ce jeu stp gratuit

    bonjour team terrible pourquoi mettre le jeu babylirious payant ?  le but du jeu est le meme que the baby in yellow . le gameplay est légerement différent  mais sa reste identique, je vois pas l'intérer de mettre un jeu payant alors que c'est juste une copie de son autre jeu, svp pouvais vous mettre ce jeu gratuit  merci .


    I want a refund lol



    this game is almost like baby in yellow

    im totally getting this game love H2O DELIRIOUS

    It looks cool but I'm broke lol

    I bough and downloaded and can’t open i??

    (1 edit)

    Hi! If you're having trouble playing, please email us at contact@teamterriblegames.com and we'll do our best to help!

    @TeamTerrible why isnt the game free it has less content then The Baby in Yellow and that game is free >:( :D :) :( :/ :| :\


    I want it free

    i buy is



    I am BIG FAN of H20Delirious and I want it to PLAY for FREE! But with the price I will never play Babylirious :,<

    Just go play The Baby In Yellow. Same game, and it's free with more content

    Yeah this guy is right he is one of the only poeple who said "

    Why is the game not free The Baby in Yellow has more content then this game and its free well this game has less content and costs 2.99 USD

    Im not saying that this game is bad just only get it if you are a die-hard Baby in Yellow fan" I said that one so he is the only person who said that besides me


    can I play for free pls pls pls


    Team terrible, The game is not worth it's price for real it should be free, it's very short and none of them add up

    Thats what im saying out here dude it has less content then The Baby in Yellow and that game is FREE while this costs 2.99 USD and is very short and LOTS and I mean LOTS of people are asking if they can get it for free someone even said "I downloaded the game and i cannot even open it i want a refund!"


    it free pls 

    That was actually pretty good,the jumpscares got me way too much😂

    Thats for a youtuber called h2delirous if you don't read the desc

    i have the desktop dell

    it wont start i have dell 

    Dells are kinda old so might wanna get a Windows

    Okay, um this is for Baby in Yellow actually, how do u play it? Like, when u download it????

    game and extract

    How to extract?!?!?!?!?!? can they just post tutorial?!

    1st step click on the file

    2nd press Extract all
    3rd press Extract
    Wait for it to load
    4th press the game
    And there you have it the game should run

    Me and my kid remember downloading this game on my phone in the play store and playing it, along with the baby in yellow. Why is it only available for Windows PC now? 

    Another question, if it's only available to download on Windows... Why is it possible for people to pay for and download it on other devices only for the game to not play on their device? 

    Last question, do you know when the new update will be ready for the baby in yellow?? We can't wait for it to come out!!


    Hi, unfortunately Babylirious has never been available on mobile, you may have played one of the many clones that people have made without our consent.

    Itch.io can be visited via any web browser and purchases can be made regardless of the platform you are on. Just like how you can buy a game via your phone for Steam or even a console.

    We don't have a release date yet for the next BiY update, but we will make an announcement soon(tm). We usually announce first on Discord, so come and join the conversation there!

    Thanks for the support, and for playing! 

    I want to buy this game, but my currency is the ruble, I have enough money, but I have written that I can't buy- I don't have a file, I can't convert rubles into dollars. What to do?


    i hate this game.. i just payed 3,59 for no reason it cant even run on my pc bro

    Hi, sorry to hear you're having issues with Babylirious. You can email us at contact@teamterriblegames.com to try and resolve your issue, or support@itch.io for a refund. Thanks!


    so when is this game gonna come to mobile Team Terrible?


    Hi! Unfortunately we have no plans to bring Babylirious to mobile, we are focusing our efforts on adding new content to The Baby In Yellow.

    Deleted 1 year ago

    So your saying you had plans to put the baby in yellow on mobile but you dont have plans about puting babylirious on mobile?

    Yes, that is correct 😊

    ok ok team terrible babylirious and the baby in the yellow are like the exact same the only diffrent things are from the gaming room and phone and the baby and the batcoons also some of the things are from the game jam baby in the yellow

    Very good game! Loved the baby in yellow, and even if its just a spinnoff or whatever. Still enjoyable and filled with new scares:)

    I'm so confused becuase the game is lagging


    Original game is free and this game is costs 2.99 Dollars I prefer to play original one  but its still good I dont understand why is this 2.99 dollars 

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