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Thats for a youtuber called h2delirous if you don't read the desc

i have the desktop dell

it wont start i have dell 

Dells are kinda old so might wanna get a Windows

Okay, um this is for Baby in Yellow actually, how do u play it? Like, when u download it????

game and extract

How to extract?!?!?!?!?!? can they just post tutorial?!

1st step click on the file

2nd press Extract all
3rd press Extract
Wait for it to load
4th press the game
And there you have it the game should run

Me and my kid remember downloading this game on my phone in the play store and playing it, along with the baby in yellow. Why is it only available for Windows PC now? 

Another question, if it's only available to download on Windows... Why is it possible for people to pay for and download it on other devices only for the game to not play on their device? 

Last question, do you know when the new update will be ready for the baby in yellow?? We can't wait for it to come out!!


Hi, unfortunately Babylirious has never been available on mobile, you may have played one of the many clones that people have made without our consent. can be visited via any web browser and purchases can be made regardless of the platform you are on. Just like how you can buy a game via your phone for Steam or even a console.

We don't have a release date yet for the next BiY update, but we will make an announcement soon(tm). We usually announce first on Discord, so come and join the conversation there!

Thanks for the support, and for playing! 

I want to buy this game, but my currency is the ruble, I have enough money, but I have written that I can't buy- I don't have a file, I can't convert rubles into dollars. What to do?


i hate this game.. i just payed 3,59 for no reason it cant even run on my pc bro

Hi, sorry to hear you're having issues with Babylirious. You can email us at to try and resolve your issue, or for a refund. Thanks!


so when is this game gonna come to mobile Team Terrible?


Hi! Unfortunately we have no plans to bring Babylirious to mobile, we are focusing our efforts on adding new content to The Baby In Yellow.

Deleted 2 years ago

So your saying you had plans to put the baby in yellow on mobile but you dont have plans about puting babylirious on mobile?

Yes, that is correct 😊

ok ok team terrible babylirious and the baby in the yellow are like the exact same the only diffrent things are from the gaming room and phone and the baby and the batcoons also some of the things are from the game jam baby in the yellow

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They won't (that Is bcoz game Is broke)

Very good game! Loved the baby in yellow, and even if its just a spinnoff or whatever. Still enjoyable and filled with new scares:)
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I'm so confused becuase the game is lagging


Original game is free and this game is costs 2.99 Dollars I prefer to play original one  but its still good I dont understand why is this 2.99 dollars 

This could actually be fun to speedrun, might ask to make it a runnable game so I can get all the records for this game like I did in TBIY.

Hello. I bought this game today on my iPad and the download fails to open. Is this game playable on my iPad? Can someone please help me? 

Hi, unfortunately Babylirious is only available for windows, as stated on the game's page. If you require a refund please contact support as we are unable to issue one. 


I paid and downloaded this game. The game tries to set up and fails to do so everytime. Can someone fix the download and send me a working copy? I will provide proof of payment.    

Please email from the address you used to purchase the game. We'll do our best to help you out! 


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Why is the baby in yellow free but Babylirious is 2.99?



I'm so confused. Is this a mod of The Baby In Yellow?

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No, this is a spin-off we made for H20 delirious


Ah ok, thank you!

Can u help me?

Hey I'm on Android and I bought this like 10 months ago and it says when I try to get into it is says I can't open this file

Babylirious is only available on PC.
If you would like a refund, please contact support as we cannot issue them ourselves. Thanks!


does this work on Apple phone?

Nope, It works ONLY on WINDOWS PC

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إذا تم نشر النسخة هنا على هذا الموقع لهواتف iPhone و Android فسأشتريه

إذا تم نشر الإصدار هنا على هذا الموقع لهواتف أندرويد وآيفون فسأشتريه

Hello team terrible, yesterday and today I tried to buy babylirious, I enter the card details and then I press the button that says pay and they do not charge me, could you help me? Thank you.


Unfortunately we have no control over the payment system. Please contact customer support at:

Comme son "frere",ce bebe est doux en apparence... Mais attention a ce qu'il cache a l'interrieur...

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I had a lot of fun playing this game! :3

The price is just fine as well, and it's a very nicemade game :3

and I just found out it was dedicated to H2Odelirious as well which just makes it so cute and funny QwQ

anyways here is my experience of it, even though I kinda made up my own story ahahahha xD

also game play starts at 0:46 :3!


Thanks for looking after Babylirious! We loved your video 😁

YAY!!! :DDD happy to hear that!

OoO she is growing so fast


I hope the game can actually be free on the Google play store


It is! 🤣

Good game but I hoped if it were longer than that because I enjoy it so much, here is my experience ( video in Arabic)


both good games . this one is worth the money  .. considering they gave the first game for free ..  Mods would be great , can only wish :) . keep up the great work guys and looking forward to the nxt update on these games


why i nedde to pay for a game that is very similiar to the baby in yellow?


Because it took longer to make and was created for the Youtuber H20Delirious to celebrate the birth of his daughter. 

The money supports us in making more games. I'm afraid not everything can be free 😅

Deleted 119 days ago
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Well, If You Know Scripting And Coding Is Not Really Easy So We Should Help Them By Donating Or Buying Their Games. Well, I Don't Have Any Card Credit Or PayPal Account So It's Ok If i Can't Help Them But I Can Still Watch Their Ads In YouTube For Supporting :D

Bro, only cool devs like Scott Cawthon makes cool games with Clickteam Fusion

We are in 2000s idiot


Just for your comment, they should raise the price of this game. 

Learn how to support developers. They work hard to bring us joy.

idk what ur talking about, this post is deleted .   

I have Clickteam Fusion Dev version and i maked a game, (soon publish) i decided to make it for free.

So, Remember, Money doesn't make the Joy!

is this available for iOS?

mods? for this be cool


Po v: voce quer jo gar este jogo mais não tem dinnheiro 🤡🤡

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Hi, team terrible! I have played your Baby in Yellow and Babylirious. I liked them very much. Thanks for your products. Will issue another game to continue? the 3d part. You could combine both heroes in a new game - boy from the baby in yellow and a girl from babylirious. would be cool. So should we wait for a new game with babies and baby-sitter?))))


Hi, we have no plans to work any more on Babylirious, but we will be adding new areas and endings to The Baby In Yellow in a few months 😁 check back around Halloween 👻

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Ok! Thank you! Good news! wish you every success with new The Baby in Yellow! By the way, could you recommend a game for a girl of 6 years old (not very horrible) from  your game list?


Most of our games aren't horrible 😅 

It's hard to recommend any for a 6 year old, they're all possibly a bit too difficult. 

But if they can type well: Jeff From Accounting, if they're good with a controller: Time Raider. 

Thank you for your response! I checked the recommended games - they are a bit for boys I guess (shooting, killing). Are there any games without aggression? let's say "soft & mild" Exactly for girls))) 

Unfortunately (luckly) babylirious has ended support Just 3 days After its release

hola acabo de comprar el juego con tarjeta de credito pero no me llego el correo con el link de descarga. ¿que puedo hacer'?


Please check your bank statement and confirm the payment. You can email us at to talk further, or contact support for a refund. Thank you! 


make it free please 

Say the file designated for PC using PC software not compatible with device running on Chrome.. Help please im not good with computers.

я пытаюсь купить игру а оплата не проходит , что делать?

Попробуй ещё раз

Olá pode trazer uma versão para Android?

My cousin says that two weeks ago I downloaded it on android

Can you make a version for mac? please

yes that would be great if you could 

Not bad

What mean the minits in there?

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