A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


THE PIT consumes all

Deeper and deeper they fall

Into madness and yet

They still descend


Post your speed run times in the comments!


THE PIT is an FPS platform / hack&slash

  • Fast paced
  • Wall running
  • Hack down evil cultists
  • Meet Frank
  • Try to make friends
  • Find out what’s at the bottom...


Post jam version

  • Speed running mode
  • Cool new title screen
  • Voice over
  • Improved movement mechanics
  • Environment bug fixes
  • Frank now enjoys miasma more


Latest Version (Windows) 172 MB
Latest Version (Linux) 144 MB
Original 72h Jam Version 155 MB


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is this game endless?

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There is a bottom to THE PIT 👀

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10/10 the wall jumping of the game is fun fun fun! and yes the story is good too

is it a new game or?

Imagine this game on Mobile, I would be playing straight haha, game very similar to doom.


from what I have seen on it I guarantee this is a great game its installing as I type this message.

What did you think? 😁


very cool game