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My torch disappeared in the airlock, and I had no idea where the backup generator is. Also, the FOV, motion blur and torch movement are a little nausea inducing... That said, cool atmosphere



great stuff!

loved the graphics and atmosphere!

Fantastic gamefeel. I'd love to see more with physics-based interaction like with the torch and the batteries

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Thanks for playing! Hermes was made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam ๐Ÿ˜ please check out our others if you're looking to play more short games!


I have fail the password riddle :(

really fun story !!!;)

It was short but really great. I hope I could play more of this but longer this time. Keep up the good work...

I have my gameplay of this right here

hey familia! this was a really fun,a bit short if im gonna be honest but still really fun. the characters movements with the jetpack were really sensitive made it really hard to maneuver maybe a little adjust to that would be great. i was really curious of the ending, will there be a continuation? also keep up the good work


Hi Isak!

Thanks for playing Hermes, the game was made in 48 hours for a game jam competition - which is why it's short! :) 

We don't currently have any plans to continue working on this game, but it's definitely one of our favourites so we might.

You can checkout our other jam games here:

The Baby In Yellow is our most popular so far!

i hope you guys make a continuation cause i would like to see this expand, also yea ill check out the baby in yellow!

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hello! im japanese

I can't speak english

It was fun even if I didn't understand English!

I'm looking forward to it again

Hello Siroch!

Thank you for playing Hermes :)

It was a lot of fun to watch you play, and we're glad you had fun!

You can find our other games here:

"The Baby And Yellow" and "Jeff From Accounting" are our other FPS games.


Short, but very well produced. I really liked the graphics and the visuals, as well as the scary and immersive atmosphere. Keep it up!


We are the worst space station worker. Loved this.

It's a bit short but very well made.

I am impressed!

BTW, if any of you want 3d assets, seamless texture maps and decals, etc, for future game dev efforts, I am running a sale right now and the Hermes devs might find that interesting? I am open to requests so... might make some scifi and space themed 3d assets in future if that is useful to you and you are requesting that. 

$0.97 for 2000+ asset files:

Here is the sale link.



Very cool short space game. Very good detail. Wish there were more to explore! First  game play. Subscribe please !


Hey, team terrible can't wait to play this!

Hi, we hope you enjoy it ๐Ÿ˜ let us know! 

Well about that I have a horrible $230 laptop so when I opened the game it lagged to the point of not being able to play soooo yea. ;( looks really cool tho and I hope for greatness.

Ah that's a shame! Due to the 48 hour time limit we typically use dynamic lighting which isn't good for weaker hardware ๐Ÿ˜… I'll try and find time to do an optimisation pass at some point. Thanks for the feedback! 

Oh my, thank you! I cant wait to see if you can do that because this game looks really cool and I think it will have good potential.


Really good looking game with some fun mechanics. The physics of moving in 3d space was cool! This feels like a prototype for a much bigger game and I'd be excited to see it

Gameplay if interested:


Pretty short, but a very fun experience. The puzzles were well hidden, but not impossible to find as they kind of stood out on their own. The graphics, audio and controls were great, and the twist at the end was a nice touch.

Overall a cool game, good work!



really enjoyed this! Love all your games please check out my play through below x 

Thanks for sharing :) Great video!



Thanks for the video upload! Great to see your playthrough


I played this game on my stream, and I just wanted to let you know that I think you should consider making this into a full project or expand upon it after the game jam.

Which video on your twitch has the game playthrough in it? I'd love to see your playthrough



Nice short experience


Alien: Isolation is one of my favorite games and Dead Space has to be one of the scariest games ever made! That being said, I love how the Sci-Fi theme (being mysteriously stranded alone in unforgiving space) mixed with the subtle horror aspect (the ship mechanically moaning and groaning as if it's alive or you're NOT alone!) made this short game really scary but undoubtedly fun and surprisingly memorable, nonetheless!

I enjoyed every bit of this game, especially how linear the story felt as I uncovered each bit of information to progress to the theatrical climax; it felt easy but not too easy, if that makes sense. The word puzzle wasn't too difficult, the trip outside the air lock was tense, and game length, I was able to follow along with what objectives needed to be completed (with little to no understanding of why or what the cause was). 

I followed you immediately after playing Baby In Yellow and  am so happy to have been able to play this game! Just like the aforementioned game, I sort of, almost desperately want to know what happens next!

Hi! Thank you so much for the playthrough, it's definitely one of my favourites so far! So fun to watch! 

Looks like we need to tell the player explicitly that they died haha, as you didn't actually make it back in time :( you died in the airlock! 

Nah, I'm a big 'ol dummy; you shouldn't have make any changes to the game. I made jokes about the character dying so I should've just assumed it did indeed happen since levels were at 100% before I made it back. Plus, having to go back out into uncharted space a 2nd time around was fun regardless. I hate that I uploaded the video with an editing mistake but it makes me so happy to know someone enjoyed it! Thank you for the response! 

Looks like a pretty fun game! Is there any graphic options though? Just asking because it's pretty laggy.

Unfortunately not, the game was made in 48 hours so we didn't have time to add graphics options :)

What are your computer specs? 


Really liked the game guys! As always with these gamejam games I wished there was more content but I understand with the time constraints. The atmosphere was top notch!

Awesome! Thanks for playing ๐Ÿ˜ sorry you lost your torch!

what is the password for the beginning


Checkout the whiteboard ;)