A downloadable stress simulator for Windows

Welcome to the Starship Heart of Bronze (no relation).

Following a workplace incident you find yourself the only remaining crew member in the middle of a hectic space battle.

Maintain your ship's shields, evade incoming missiles and calibrate your singularly huge gun.

Amidst the chaos, gunfire, explosions and general mishmash, will you keep your wits or meet a sticky end?



* WSAD to move 
* Mouse to aim and left click to press buttons

++Controller support++



* Code: Aaron Baumbach and Ross McDonald
* Art: Greg Lee
* Audio: Dale Smith


HeartOfBronze.zip 96 MB
HeartOfBronze_Source.zip 112 MB


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Good Job it was fun
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Team Terrible, I downloaded this game and saw that it was made by the same engine from the baby in yellow (Unreal Engine 4) but I was able to play this game without having D3D11

it's a Good game



But why don't you respond to publishing the Babylirious game on Android and iPhone? Play Store & App Store