A downloadable game for Windows


Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 54


  1.  Shoot all the things
  2.  Collect energy to create more ground to die on
  3. ...
  4. Don't die?


  • W/S/A/D = Move
  • LMB = Shoot
  • RMB = Raise terraforming arm


Code and Gameplay: Aaron Baumbach

Art and Gameplay: Greg Lee

Music and SFX: Virginia Leo

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorTeam Terrible
TagsLudum Dare 54
LinksLudum Dare


EyeSeeYou.zip 239 MB


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Finally was able to get my 'Let's Play' recording up, happy to help share the project! :)


Thankyou! ❤️


best shooting game 10/10 i made a livestream of it :D 


Thanks for playing and streaming! ❤️

yw :D

Hi, having trouble launching the game please help! :)

Hi, what's the issue?

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Hi, I was very interested in trying the game but I cannot get the game to load at all. I have UE5 installed and tried the Itch.io App installer as well. It does not seem to give an error message that I can find. Hit the 'Launch' button and it seems to try to start but then nothing happens.

You don't need UE5 installed to play, it's built into the game. 

Please download the zip directly, extract it and double click the LD54.exe file. What happens? 

As far as I can tell nothing happens, the windows 10 loading ring pops up on the mouse cursor for a moment after double clicking it and then goes back to normal. Like it attempted to run and failed somehow, Task Manager doesn't show it either.

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Minor update on this... tried running the game from the extracted zip file on one of my laptops and it opened and runs good.

Just confused why my desktop PC doesn't want to cooperate with it. 

Regardless it's a fun and weird eyeball blasting experience!  :)



I don't like that eye. It reminds me too much of that baby.